Rhode Island Basement Floor Epoxy

Also Serving Nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut

Basement epoxy floor application in Providence, RIFor basement floor coatings we usually use a polymer called Polyurea that is characterized by its fast curing time and  toughness. It is much durable than epoxy coatings, which are commonly used in basements.

Polyurea is very resistant to abrasion, scratches, impacts, heat, chemicals, and wear and tear.

If you want a floor coating that will last for decades, Polyurea is the way to go.

We've used this tough and long-lasting product all over Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut with great results.

Polyurea is also used extensively in garages, workshop floors, patios, pool decks, with much better performance than epoxy.

But, we can also apply epoxy an coating if that's what you prefer.

Epoxy and Polyurea Comparison

Epoxy and polyurea are two very popular options for durable basement floor coatings. While both provide durability and protection, there are some key differences between the two.

Epoxy is known for its durability and is often used as a basement floor coating. It can withstand stains, chemicals, high traffic, and impact.

Polyurea is even more durable and flexible than epoxy. It is resistant to chemicals, weight, and shock, making it a great option for basement and garage floors. It can also withstand heat up to 420°F.

While epoxy typically lasts around 5 years before showing signs of deterioration, polyurea can last easily 15 years or more. Under similar conditions, you can expect your polyurea floor coating to last at least a decade longer than an epoxy coating.