Basement Waterproofing Rhode Island

Keep Your Basement Dry With Professional Waterproofing

water penetration in home basementDoes your basement suffer from dampness, seepage, or outright flooding? Excess moisture can cause mold, mildew, and structural damage over time. Protect your home's foundation and livable space with an effective basement waterproofing solution.

We also waterproof basements in nearby Massachusetts & Connecticut.


Basement leaks can cause serious damage and create unhealthy conditions, so sealing and waterproofing is a very important mitigation method.

When basement walls let in water, possessions can be ruined, mold growth is enabled, and structural integrity is compromised over time. Since fixing basement leaks often requires professional expertise, quality waterproofing is an essential service we offer customers.

One effective waterproofing technique we use, is applying a protective coating to basement walls. Waterproof coatings form a durable, continuous barrier that prevents moisture from seeping through small cracks or porous concrete. This seals the basement walls and stops leaks at their source.

We use several basement waterproofing methods to fix your water penetration and/or moisture issue:

  • Interior drainage systems - Install a sump pump and French drain to capture water and pump it out.
  • Exterior drainage - Divert groundwater away with drain tile, catch basins, and downspout extensions.
  • Waterproof coatings - Seal walls and floors with waterproofing compounds or panels.
  • Foundation repairs - Raise settled areas, stabilize and repair cracks, and improve drainage slope.

Often a combination of techniques is required for a comprehensive fix. We are professional waterproofing contractors and will assess your basement and recommend a customized waterproofing system. We use only top-quality materials installed to manufacturer specifications so you enjoy long-lasting dryness.

Contact us for a free quote on expert basement waterproofing. We'll inspect your basement and show you the best options for your situation. Get your basement moisture-free and usable again!

Typical Reasons For a Wet Basement

If you have a wet basement, you have water penetration, most likely, due to one of these reasons:

We can assess and fix any basement water intrusion issue you have - we've been doing it for years around RI, MA, and CT.

We'll Fix Your Wet Basement Issue

Repairing foundation wall leaks and any other basement water leaks is one of our specialty services. We will evaluate your situation and provide you with an affordable quote and plan of action to fix the issue.

We use only the best urethane and epoxy compounds to repair concrete wall cracks, floor cracks, tie rods, and any water pipe or sewer pipe gaps that let water in.

These compounds quickly seal the cracks and gaps, stopping any water seepage and leaks.

Sometimes the water intrusion cannot be stopped, for example due to a high water table, in this case a drainage system like a French drain may have to be installed.

How Concrete Waterproofing Sealers Work

Concrete is porous and allows water to seep in slowly over time, leading to moisture issues and potential structural damage. Applying a protective concrete sealer is the solution.

Waterproofing sealers are liquid coatings that bind to the concrete surface. When dry, they form an impermeable layer that water cannot penetrate. Sealers also neutralize the alkalinity in concrete that can deteriorate other waterproofing materials.

The key benefits of concrete sealers:

  • Repel water penetration through exterior walls and foundations
  • Prevent moisture damage to interior slabs and floors
  • Withstand weathering from sun, rain, snow, and temperature changes
  • Some forms a smooth finished surface without additional treatments

Applying sealers takes skill and patience for proper coverage, but provides long-lasting moisture protection. Though more expensive than basic paints or membranes, the durability and performance of concrete sealers make them a sound investment for waterproofing concrete surfaces.

Contact our team to learn more about concrete sealing options! We have the expertise to recommend the right sealer and application process for your specific project.

Dangers of Radon

If you have cracks in the concrete basement floor, you have to pay special attention to the penetration of radon, a very harmful naturally-occurring gas. This is an issue that should be fixed as soon as possible.

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