Basement Waterproofing Rhode Island

Wet Basement?

If you have a wet basement, you could have water penetration, most likely, due to one of these reasons:

We can fix any basement water intrusion issue you have - we've been doing it for years around RI, MA, and CT.

We'll Fix Your Wet Basement Issue

Repairing foundation wall leaks and any other basement water leaks is one of our specialties. We will evaluate your situation and provide you with a quote and plan of action to fix the issue.

We use only the best urethane and epoxy compounds to repair concrete wall cracks, floor cracks, tie rods, and any water pipe or sewer pipe gaps that let water in.

These compounds quickly seal the cracks and gaps, stopping any water seepage and leaks.

Sometimes the water intrusion cannot be stopped, for example due to a high water table, in this case a drainage system like a French drain may have to be installed.

Dangers of Radon

If you have cracks in the concrete basement floor, you have to pay special attention to the penetration of radon, a very harmful naturally-occurring gas. This is an issue that should be fixed as soon as possible.

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