What is the Cost of an Epoxy Garage Floor?

Installing an epoxy coating is one of the most effective ways to improve the look and durability of a garage floor. When considering the cost of epoxy garage floors, it helps to understand what factors affect the price.

The size of the floor is the primary determinant of cost. Epoxy is priced per square foot, with rates ranging from $3 to $7 per square foot on average.

The product quality also impacts price - basic coatings cost less than premium commercial - grade options. Surface prep work required, like crack repairs and etching concrete, can add expenses as well.

Professional Installation Price

Professional installation tends to run between $4-$8 per square foot, but DIY epoxy floor kits are widely available for under $3 per square foot. The number of coats applied influences overall cost too. Two coats are minimal for an attractive finish, while three or more improves thickness and durability.

Other considerations that change epoxy floor pricing are custom color applications versus standard gray, and the inclusion of decorative chips or anti-slip additives.

If the concrete needs to be repaired in any way, for example, cracks or spalling, this will increase the cost.

With many options available, homeowners can find cost-effective solutions to transform their garage space. Getting quotes from epoxy contractors is the best way to estimate the total investment for a particular garage floor area and desired finish.

Transform Your Garage with Epoxy Flooring

Bored of that dull, gray concrete garage floor? Epoxy flooring offers an attractive and rugged upgrade. This durable resin-based coating creates a smooth, glossy surface that resists oil, grease, chemicals, and scratches.

Epoxy comes in a range of colors like red, tan, and gray along with metallic hues and custom color options. It can be embellished with decorative chips for a speckled finish. Not only does it improve aesthetics, but epoxy protects the concrete and makes floors easier to clean.

Epoxy garage floor installation costs range from $1,500 to over $3,000, nationally, with the average homeowner paying around $2,300.

Exact pricing depends on factors like your garage size and coating type selected. Though not the cheapest remodeling project, epoxy flooring offers long-lasting durability and can significantly enhance your garage space.

If your plain concrete floors need a facelift, it's worth exploring durable and eye-catching epoxy coatings. An epoxy dealer can provide a precise quote for transforming your garage with a gleaming, polished new floor.